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Give a typewriter look to your text animation

Please see a here a little gift. This is a text preset which you can recreate a terminal computer look for your text. You just have to drag and drop the preset into your text layer. There two different presets, who contains differents versions of the end text cursor.

Screenshots :

Lip Sync

The perfect way to sync audio and video

Very used into professional TV channel to check the exact delay between audio and video (in milliseconds or frames). Put that into a player in the beginning of the channel string and record at the end. By the way you’ll able to see the delay (positive or negative). Per example, il you play the recorded file and if you see the waveform peak at frame 3, audio signal is 3 frames latest than video signal. If you don’t have recorder, you can adjust delay by listening 1000 hz (bip) until it’s on green circle…

The template contains:

    • Original Project
    • 24 fps rendered version
    • 25 fps rendered version
    • 29,97 fps rendered version
    • 50 fps rendered version
    • 59,94 fps rendered version
    • 60 fps rendered version