This is my contribution to the orignal and fun challenge of “A word, a week” initiated by Each week a new word and a new animation loop is published.


A word, a week.

I had the pleasure to participate to a nice challenge initiated by Animography. Every week a motion designer had to pick a word and make a quick loop with the animated font of his choice. I choose Yin-yang and selected League Spartan for the font. I made this choice because I wanted to integrate the flat font animation into a 3d environment, and this font was bold enough to work with my scene.
So I wanted to explore both duality and association of this famous symbol. That’s why I tried to lost your eyes with original transitions into mixed 2d and 3d world, to create a surprise. Because, you know finally, every thing is connected…

The duality consist here to coexist two different materials for black and white and the association come into play into the correlation between spheres and the abstract playground who shape, progressively the symbol of Yin-yang.

Main animation was made in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane. I use of course the great Animography Controller to generate font animation in After Effects.
The real difficulty was to create smooth transitions, I used different scene projects in Cinema and tweaked it in After Effects. Renders were pretty fast because that was the first time I used version 4 of Octane, and his magic denoiser.
Perfect sound design made by Gabriel Bouty.