Time Shift Tool Kit

Create awesome time effects

Create simply some creazy effects by blending and displacing time Inspired from Nidia's time offset tutorial, I wanted to create a strong tool who is able to create awesome time management effects. Build many differents effects by selecting between 14 patterns for time shifted maps, or create your own one. .


The template contains:

    • The Tool Kit project
    • 27 Maps Presets
    • Html web page for browsing included presets maps
    • Video Tutorial
  • Perfect for split screen fx, slow motion sceneā€¦Up to you to create quickly awesome piece with this tool !

    Take a look at the Tutorial section to see the tutorial who show you how to use this project.

    Screenshots :


    Create glass materials in a few seconds in After Effects.

    Do you need a simple & quick way to make some glassy shapes? This tool is for you! With the custom plugin you have many parameters like :

    • Tint
    • Blur level
    • Magnify level
    • Light position
    • Shadow
    • Reflection Map
    • Specular
    • Shapes transform (Position / scale / rotation)
  • With this tool you have 10 included pre made shapes, and you can add your own (like your logo per example).

    Screenshots :


    Create quickly a Plexus atmosphere in After Effects without plugins.

    Do you need a simple way to do spider web or simple plexus effect? This is for you.

    Easy to use :

  • 1 - Choose numbers a points
  • 2 - Place your points
  • 3 - Add wind parameter for bending line
  • 4 - Enable split lines if you want
  • 5 - Change size and colors
  • 6 - Link points to your trackers if you need
  • 7 - Save your own animation presets
  • Take a look at the Tutorial section to see a small video who show you how to link the tool kit with the After Effects Motion Tracker

    Watch another demo using this tool kit

    Screenshots :